Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, and plays so many important and specific roles in your body — but it’s one essential vitamin that is commonly neglected. You might already realize why now, more than ever, is a crucial time to be providing your body the necessary nutrients that it needs. From bone health to immune support we’re here to shine some light on why it’s a must to add to your daily routine and some quick and easy ways to get it. 


Vitamin D’s primary function is to help the body absorb calcium. Your body must have vitamin D to absorb calcium and promote bone growth [1]. Therefore, too little Vitamin D can result in soft and fragile bones. 

Vitamin D is also known to play a significant role in immune health. We know this is crucial especially for the upcoming fall and winter season that usually comes with a few days buried in tissues. Vitamin D can help support a healthy immune system by making sure the immune cells fighting to protect you are healthy and functioning properly. Boosting your immune system is one of the key things you can do to prevent feeling under the weather the whole season. Essentially, health comes from the inside out. 

Vitamin D has also been shown to support health levels of energy and mood. Research examining the relationship of vitamin D and mood disorders show this essential vitamin can help give you a little lift. Several studies reported a decrease in depression for those who received Vitamin D compared to those who received phototherapy [3]. So, not only can Vitamin D keep your body and heart happy, but your brain happy as well! 


According to a 2011 study, 41.6% of adults in the US are deficient. This number goes up to 69.2% in Hispanics and 82.1% in African-Americans [4]. At a time where working from home is the new normal and what used to be our living rooms is now the gym, it’s harder to get the sun we need to soak up the benefits of Vitamin D. However, there are other ways to ensure you get your daily dose of sun. 


The easiest (and free) way to achieve Vitamin D benefits is through direct exposure to the sun - unfortunately, during winter months many people who reside in northern areas or near the equator don’t get adequate sunlight. So, getting your daily dose of Vitamin D from foods or a supplement is crucial. 


Vitamin D can be found in foods, particularly fatty fish such as Salmon, mackerel, and very few amounts are found in beef liver and cheese. However, for our vegetarians and vegans it’s a little harder for you to get the sunshine vitamin through food alone. 


Supplementing with Vitamin D is generally safe as long as you are following the consumption guidelines. BioSchwartz Doctor Approved Vitamin D D3 5,000 IU, unlike most other Vitamin D supplements in the market, is blended with the perfect amount of Organic Olive Oil to enhance absorption and increase bioavailability, ensuring maximum efficacy with each and every dose. Also, we formulated our Vitamin D3 supplement with comfort and ease of use in mind, which is why we created the ultra-smooth, oh-so-tiny softgels that make our premium formula remarkably easy to swallow! Finally, using only the latest technologies, we were able to develop a Vitamin D3 supplement free of gluten, allergens and non-GMO ingredients. 

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