How To Create a Daily Routine for Ultimate Success

How To Create a Daily Routine for Ultimate Success

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Everyone talks about how having a routine is important, but no one discusses how to create one. A routine, and a successful one at that, is a collection of daily habits created to set you up for a solid day. Why does a routine matter? In a world full of distractions and options, it can get overwhelming to accomplish even the few tasks we have set out for ourselves. How many of you have said “I’m going to go workout now” or “I’m going to finish this work task” just to find yourself laying on the couch an hour and a half later? If so, a routine might be exactly what you are missing. 

A routine can help you manage your stress and anxiety levels by being overall more productive. I know many of you appreciate crossing things off your to-do list, and are left feeling anxious when it seems like you just can’t get anything done. This year was a little different and possibly a lot tougher for everyone, but to end it on a good note, we wanted to provide you with some guidance when it comes to creating a successful routine that works for you. 

Prioritize on the Daily

A big part of planning out your daily routine is not only figuring out what you have to do, but also when you should do it. The first part of this is understanding which tasks come first; which tasks have a deadline, and which tasks can be held off until a little later? Something we encourage is using a project management tool, or, if you want to take it old-school, grab a piece of paper and pen to jot down what you need to do for the day. We say day, because if you’re prone to stress, writing down what you need to do for the week might actually make you even more unproductive. Dividing up your list into 2-3 daily tasks can help you lessen the anxiety by making your day look a little less daunting. We tend to overestimate how much we can get done in a day and underestimate how long our tasks will usually take us. Give yourself some grace, get that paper out, and write down a couple things you are planning to get down today!

Figure Out Your Why 

A lot of people like to say that the reason they don’t accomplish something is because they lack motivation. But to put it truthfully, no one has motivation all of the time. In fact, the reason that people continue to focus on their tasks is for a reason much deeper - they have a meaning behind why they are doing it, and that reason then turns into a habit.

For example, many people like to wake up at 5am every day and workout. Many of these people, also, might not even like it but do it anyway. This is not due to motivation, this is due to the underlying reasoning behind why they do it. Some workout to be healthy for their kids, some to lose weight for their next powerlifting competition, and others so that they don’t have to do it later and can enjoy a long, restful evening. Once you understand your why, you are likely to stick with it for at least a few weeks which by then it will have become a habit. Habits are powerful - it is essentially what your whole routine is made out of.  

Don't Compare to Others 

This is an important point not only for this blog, but for your whole lifestyle in general. Coming up with a daily routine is something that is personal, and not a generic life rule. If you’re surrounded by a bunch of colleagues that work best from 9am-5pm, while you’re a night owl, there is no reason to try to structure your day any different. The most important part of a daily routine is finding one that fits in your schedule so that it is sustainable. 

Once you figure out whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, structure your day accordingly. What is your morning going to look like, how about your evening? If you want to get even more fancy, try to alot the amount of time you are going to spend on each task so that you stay focused and on schedule. Think about what time works best for you to complete your tasks, and allow yourself to work on your own efficient schedule.

Healthy Diet/Lifestyle 

There is a saying out there that you’re only as healthy as your lifestyle. Creating a successful daily routine is supplemented by what you do outside of just your “tasks.” If you’re not getting enough sleep outside of your work hours, or eating enough of the right foods, you will lack the energy and focus to get what you need to get done. I am sure you all have heard of the magic rule that 7-9 of sleep is efficient and probably rolled your eyes, but it is in fact true! Research shows that adults who sleep less than this amount of hours consistently don't perform as well on complex mental tasks as do people who prioritize consistent sleep patterns. 

There might be some of you, on the other hand, that are ensuring you’re getting the right amount of sleep but still can’t seem to focus throughout the day. Keeping your mind sharp is an essential part of keeping up with your routine, which is why we created BioSchwartz Nootropic Brain Boost to support your mental clarity and focus. Supplementation is a smart and safe way to help fight the brain fog you might be having, and getting one step closer to creating your successful routine.