5 Best Supplements For Women's Health

5 Best Supplements For Women's Health

While there aren’t many gender-specific supplements, there are different supplements women should focus on depending on their health or nutritional needs. Most women often decide to take supplements because they have (or want to avoid) a nutritional deficiency in their diet. Despite the wide variety of supplement brands out there, many companies offer false claims in their advertising or promote vitamins that aren’t really as necessary in the day-to-day. In honor of Women’s Health Month, we wanted to eliminate the unknown and highlight some key, tested, and true supplements that can facilitate all females in their health journeys. 


As stated above, you’ll want to think about what your health and wellness goals are when choosing a supplement. If you wish to support bone health, a mix of several vitamins, including Vitamin D, might be a good option. If you want to improve your mood, there are certain supplements formulated to offer benefits in terms of that. It all depends on what you’re hoping to achieve and what is appropriate for you. With that being said, Vitamin D is first on our list because it helps maintain the calcium in our bones which is a necessary nutrient in keeping our bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. This supplement is hard to get through food because if you’re not consistently eating oily fish every week, you’re most likely not meeting your daily requirements. Also, those who live in northern areas are also in trouble due to limited sun exposure. Vitamin D can help support a healthy immune system by making sure the immune cells fighting to protect you are healthy and functioning properly. Essentially, if you are someone that cares about your health, then you understand that Vitamin D is a great place to start. 


Probiotics have exploded in the health industry in recent years as scientists have become familiar with investigating connections between them and gut health, skin support, and even immune function. These effective supplements are responsible for bringing in the “good bacteria” your body needs to support your gut. As you have all heard the saying, “good health starts with gut health”, and probiotics are responsible for ensuring this holds true. Ensuring you are getting the right amount of bacteria in your body is important for a healthy metabolism and a proper digestive tract as well. While there are foods such as kefir and yogurt that contain probiotics and can be beneficial, a supplement offers a much higher concentration of strains and can also allow you to choose the strains that work best for you, as recommended by your healthcare provider. 


From red blood cell production to converting our food into energy and fuel, B-vitamins play a major role in almost every function of our daily health, including keeping our skin and hair healthy, and our brain functioning as it should. A series of studies found adding folic acid, B12, and B6 to your daily diet can help improve cognitive function such as immediate and delayed memory and information processing speed [1]. It’s safe to say that B Vitamins are important for several processes that occur in the body and if you’re constantly feeling under the weather, it might be the perfect time to get your levels checked. 


This is one of those underrated and underestimated supplements, but also one of the oldest studied in terms of scientific research and support. From promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails to improving our overall health and mood, ensuring our omega 3 levels are where they should be is key to our long-term health. Fish oil’s numerous benefits come from its high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, which are necessary for human health but aren’t made by the body. Omega-3 acids are mostly found in oily fish such as salmon, eggs, grass-fed beef, and nuts. However, getting the required amount is usually not satisfied with food as it requires high amounts so supplementation of this product can prove very beneficial.  


Magnesium is considered one of those silent powerhouses - it is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in our bodies. Its benefits include maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, healthy blood pressure levels and heart rhythm, and even supporting a healthy mood [2]. Luckily, it is found in many foods like okra, beans, nuts, and unrefined whole grains. Although we do recommend trying to reach your proper vitamin levels through foods, we understand that some aren’t keen on all the particular foods necessary to do so, and in that case, we suggest supplementation of magnesium if proven necessary due to its ability for whole body female health.. 

You’ll want to think about your health and wellness goals when choosing a supplement and determine if you need it at all.  How many of these supplements do you think you’re missing or could benefit from? As females, It’s essential for us to ensure we are getting the right amount of nutrients because even taking too much, or more than needed, can lead to health problems. Always speak with your doctor to create a supplement regimen tailored to your needs.